Voters are urged to confirm or re-establish their registration beginning on Aug 5.  After this date (90 days before the general election) you are federally legally protected from being purged from your state's voting rolls.

Current Actions


SAFE ACT — call the Senate and demand they pass the SAFE Act, the latest version of Senator Ron Wyden's legislation which would require Hand Marked Paper Ballots and Audits for all federal elections with BMDs as an option for people who need them.






VOTER INFO — Best practices to vote securely (and safely) in your state’s Presidential primaries, and in the general election November.  Your voter registration locks in starting August 5, 2020.

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SCRUTINEERS.org is the go-to organizing tool for networking around election integrity, security, and voter suppression issues —

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NVRTF works in coordination with other advocacy groups to ensure that all eligible US citizens are able to vote, and to have their votes counted as cast.

Vote by Mail

You get your ballot in the mail, and hand mark it in the safety of your own home.  No pressure to hurry, you can take time to research and make your selections, while avoiding standing in, or holding up, a long line of voters.

What could possibly go wrong?

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State-by-State Public Oversight

Hand-marked paper ballots

According to experts, the only way to know if an electronic vote total has been hacked is for voters to have separately recorded their intended selections on paper and for jurisdictions to then use the paper in a manual audit or recount, the results of which can be compared to the electronic total.

But even manual audits or recounts can be “hacked” if the …

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Growing a Network of Voting Rights and Election Protection Advocates (Volunteer/coordinators needed in each county and state warranting strategic help & oversight)


Quash Voter Suppression!

2020 Voters' Election Protection Calendar



Routine audits

More than half of U.S. states do not require manual audits. And according to experts, only a few conduct manual audits sufficiently robust to detect hacking. Manual recount laws generally apply only if the margin of victory is less than 1%, and bad actors can avoid them by flipping enough votes to exceed the specified margin.

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Chain of custody

Regardless of what type of “paper” is used to detect and defend against hacking, jurisdictions must maintain a transparent and secure chain of custody from the moment votes are received — whether by mail or at the polling place — through the conclusion of all manual audits and recounts and beyond.

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Protect Your Vote

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